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Customers say about us:

Yura Kupitman, Development Manager at Maestro, Migdal Group:
“Merav is very professional. Deep knowledge and technical skills enable Merav to provide correct and state of the art solutions for difficult problems”
Tamar Kaspin, Replication Manager at Migdal:
“Merav is a real Oracle DB expert. When we had major performance problems and no one knew how to locate their source, Merav did her magic, found the problems and solved it. After a short period of time working with her, many developers learnt about her amazing tuning knowledge, I discovered an expert that can easily give me a current status of database, what is wrong with it, where are the bottle necks, what can I do to improve it’s behaviour and how to fix all of those things. She took ownership on those tasks, handled it and I knew it will be taken care of in the best way there is. Merav actually breaths the Oracle db, loves it and her work is absolutely professional.”
Itay Shoshani, Sales Manager at Kaminario:
“Merav knows her stuff inside and out. Worked in very challenging environments and delivered excellent results on time. Hope to work with her again!”


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